Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts 2021

Mother's Day GIFT SETS

If there’s anyone in this world who deserves something special, it’s certainly MOM. So this year, we have some suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts that’ll leave her delightfully surprised.

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Beautiful & Strong

Mother's day gift suggestions, gold cuff bracelet, necklace, ring

Selene Gold Cuff Bracelet with Pacific Opal Crystals $99

Juno Gold Ring (regular) $49

Aja Rhombus Gold Necklace $69


Bold & Dainty 

Dainty silver necklace set with blue crystalsDaphne Silver Necklace with Blue Crystals $139

Daphne Bracelets $89

Daphne Earrings $89


Mom's favorite

Gold leaf necklace, branch cuff, gold hand-hammered band ring 

Twisted Phyllo Gold Necklace $79

Arete Gold Cuff $69

Amara Gold Ring $21

Arete Gold Ring $59


Chic & Classy 

Mother's day gift ideas

Nike Chain Necklace $129

Arche Cuff $89

Mirto Earrings $45

Designed to make her shine!

Mother's day gift ideas

Hexagon Gold Necklace with White Crystal $139 

Hexagon Gold Ring with White Crystal $69

Arete Gold Cuff $69

Sophia Stud $29.99

Mom loves silver !

Mother's day gift ideas Danae Silver Necklace $79

Angelina Silver Band Cuff $69

Juno Silver Ring (long) $59

Find her next favorite gold earrings

Mother's day gift Ideas

Petite Mariposa Earrings $59 

Marquise cut Earrings $35

Kori Earrings $36

Spiral Pearl Earrings $49

Electra Dangle Earrings $59

Ares Dangle Earrings $59


Find her next favorite Silver earrings

Silver earrings for Mother's day Doris Drop Earrings $59

Lexi Drop Earrings $24.5

Call Lily Earrings $49

Izabella Hoop $40

Pandora Earrings $32

Designed  to make her smile 😊

Mother's day bracelet gift ideas

Accordion Bracelet $34.50

Arete Gold Cuff $69

Daphne Bracelets $89

Fish Scale Bangle $69

Snakeskin Link Bracelet $89


Let mom buy what she really wants this year

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