Hi there and welcome to my workshop.

I have been making jewelry for a living in Athens ,Greece  since 1992. Couple of years ago i moved to the United States and founded the Byaris.com. Initially in Queens NY and now located in Monroe, NY.

I work mostly with bronze coper and silver. A variety of techniques are used, including forging, fusing, roller embossing, constructing, fabricating and casting. 
Most of my designs are inspired by my culture and the female form, I'm always trying  to create jewelry that fit modern women of all ages and styles. 

Ideas come from everywhere .Combining structural and cultural elements of antiquity with the elegance and modernist of the present, each luxurious piece of mine is crafted to bring out the best physical elements of its wearer. Geometric and architectural shapes are always a strong element for me. I love to use butterflies, leaf and flower shapes because the compound curves, ruffled edges, and interesting textures translate well into metal smithing techniques particularly forging, forming and roll embossing. Their organic shapes also help soften the hard look and feel of the metals. 

I like the look of oxidized Silver, because it makes them look old and versatile. As per the gold everything is electroplated in 18K gold. i use sandblasting  to reach the extra texture and matte satin finish. On top there is always a e-coat applied for a forever lasting. All my jewelry are Nickel-Free.

Attention to detail and finish is of utmost importance.

I strive for an elegance that speaks for the individual, yet retains a timeless quality.

It's just personal to me. Every piece has to be perfect but not exact the same.

I enjoy being immersed in the creative process and then stepping back to see the final piece. I love to send my work out in the world to be enjoyed.

I am grateful, thankful and blessed!


 By Aris Jewelry Studio

 I'm offering different classes for different level of student.

Please email us for the availability at least 3 week before class begins if possible. If the class is full there will be a waiting list for next available class.  Refunds if the class doesn't fill. For class inquiries please email info@byaris.com

All classes are limited to 3-5 people  so there will be lot's of personal attention and opportunity for questions and answers



1- Beginning Jewelry Making   

 I will teach some basic soldering and hand tool techniques and give some tips on setting up a home studio using locally available tools, materials, supplies and torches.  Safety will be covered also.  We will cover some of the basics such as using the saw, files, pliers, hammers, torches and finishing tools.  We will be working with sheet and wire. We will complete at least one project pendant with a bezel set stone or ring with stone. No metal smithing experience needed but good hand eye coordination will help you succeed.  If you need glasses for close work, bring them!

This is a 7 night session.

There are hundreds of possibilities and designs to be explored. Not everything can be learned in one class but this will get you started and if your interest continues you can repeat the classes and I will help you make increasingly difficult projects. If you progress quickly you can do/ start as many projects as you like in the time allowed.

1- Basic hammering

2- Basic Soldering


This one or two day session deals with the basic chemistry and setup for soldering small items. You will learn how to set up a minimal soldering operation on a small budget of under 100.00. I explain solders, fluxes, pickling acids and fire scale as well as annealing and work hardening. You will learn about the various tools, materials and supplies that can be improvised and found locally as well as other tips and tricks. 

I give demos and you will make and solder jumprings during the first session.  The second session covers the use of various torches several different types of joins used to do such things as make bezels, rings, attach posts, join links together and appliqué sheet and wire.  You will have tech samples, notes and handouts for future reference and there will be hands on practice. This is a great preliminary class if you want to take other project classes or if you are thinking about setting up your own studio for soldering. However it is not a prerequisite.  Lot's of opportunity to ask questions and solve problems.

1 or 2 days 2.5 hours each.


3- Jewelry Construction

 This class will focus on more complicated construction and design. Soldering with multiple solders and/or stone setting.  We may make a variety of projects including rings, bracelets or pendants with bezel set  stones. I will also help you make your design if you have a project in mind. The projects will depend on the level of the students attending. Techniques being explored will include sawing, filing, drilling, stone setting, texturing, forging, box construction and finishing. You will learn more about how to handle tools and solve design and construction problems as well as make at least one piece of jewelry.  Lots of tips and tricks will be passed along. Some experience will help.  Bring sketch books and design ideas, if you want to use them. Don't forget your glasses.  Most important, bring your questions.

This is a 6 night session 

6 classes in 3 weeks


4- Using Scrap

This workshop is about what to do with your sheet and wire scrapes and old jump rings, chain, unfinished projects, yard sale finds and other "junk".  Turn you trash into treasure. We will use the torch, hammer, saw and drill to manipulate them in several different ways to make parts for pendants, charms, links for bracelets and elements for beading projects.  We will use the torch to join parts and completely re-work the metal.


This class will focus on using the jewelers saw to cut curved lines and shapes. I'll show you how to use files and rotary tools to clean up and shape edges.  We will make a pair of earrings using cut and soldered parts.  We will also investigate ways to make and attach posts and ear wires

2 days 2 .5 hours each

Cuff Bracelet:

 We will make a wire and sheet bracelet and use forging, bending, cutting, drilling, texturing sheet and wire shapes and soldering to create the design within a frame